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Courthouse SE2-2

Stone was hauled from the Kasota quarry by horse, wagon and rail. 

Sand used for mortar came from the Blue Earth River bottom. 

Red brick is the dominant material above the high basement of Kasota limestone.

The records in the Faribault County Recorder’s Office can be viewed Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at 415 North Main Street, Blue Earth, MN 56013.

If you have a document number and need a copy mailed or faxed the Recorder’s office will be happy to help you when payment is made.

Recording is our first priority.  If a request is mailed or faxed, we will do a very limited search as we have time available.  Requests are processed in the order received.  If you need research beyond the last document of record you will need to contact an abstractor, title company or researcher.  The Faribault County Recorder’s office does not abstract nor perform title searches.

For real estate records available online, please click on the Laredo/Tapestry link.