Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I go to get my Abstract updated?

The Faribault County Recorder’s Office does not provide abstracting services.  You may contact an independent abstract company for abstracting services and fees.

An abstract is an abbreviated history of all documents of record affecting the property.  They are usually made up by an abstractor who is a person or company trained and licensed in such work, and which has been formed for the express purpose of drafting abstracts from in and out of courthouse records.  The buyer should never be satisfied with an abstract which appears to show title in the seller, but should always have a competent attorney give a written opinion on the condition of title.  A buyer is proceeding at their own peril if they do not have the title examined carefully by a competent lawyer.

Why do I need an Attorney?

The Faribault County Recorder’s office does not have a licensed attorney on staff, therefore, we cannot give any legal advice, provide forms, nor complete forms.  A party is proceeding at their own peril if they do not consult a competent attorney on legal matters.  The Faribault County Recorder’s Office will advise you to consult with a Licensed Attorney familiar with Minnesota Law.

How Can I search a property?

The records in the Faribault County Recorder’s Office can be viewed Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm at 415 North Main Street, Blue Earth, MN  56013.  If you have a document number and need a copy mailed or faxed, the County Recorder’s Office will be happy to help you at the time of payment.

Recording is the first priority.  If a request is mailed or faxed, we will do very limited research as we have time available.  There is a charge for copies and faxing.  Requests are processed in the order they are received.  If you need more than the last document of record, you will need to contact an abstractor, attorney, title company or a researcher to help you.

Are there any liens on this property?

The Recorder’s Office has information on record for several property liens.  The records are open to the public.  Not all liens that can affect property ownership are of record in this office.  The Faribault County Recorder’s office will provide the last mortgage of record in the real estate records, but will not complete a lien search.

Judgements will show on an abstract but the information is obtained through the Faribault County Court Administration Office.  When an abstract is brought up to date, an abstract company does various searches in and outside of the courthouse.  Searching for liens in the courthouse is not the same as bringing an abstract up to date.  Most lending institutions will require an attorney do a title opinion after an abstract is brought up to date to determine if there are liens on the property. 

Tax Liens are filed by name.  The Recorder’s Office staff will do a Tax Lien Search for a fee of $20.00 per name requested, or you can research the records yourself at no cost. 

Does the Recorder’s Office provide notary services?

The Faribault County Recorder’s Office does not provide notary service.  The Faribault County Treasurer and Auditor’s office will notarize documents or you can check with your personal banker.  All signatures must be completed in the presence of the notary.  Fees may be charged for notary service.

What is a legal description?

A legal description is a description of a tract of land in legally acceptable terms so as to show exactly where it is located.  A tax description is an abbreviated reference to a parcel of land and is not a legal description.